Grapefruit sorbet


Sorbet made of grapefruit flesh - a

 refreshing taste in the tones of which

 you can taste a nice bitterness.

Cherry yoghurt


In gentle hugs of creamy-yoghurt ice-cream there are pieces of cherry inside and they make a taste just luxurious.

Mango sorbet


Fragrant and sweet  flesh of ripe mango is kept in our dessert which is able to swell the head of everyone who has a sweet tooth.

Mint in chocolate


Soft cream ice with the taste of mint freshness and sweet savory tones

 of chocolate delightedly refreshes

in any weather!



Taste of real truffle will give

 the most gentle chocolate ice-cream

 with hazel-nut



Ice-cream differs with a unique taste and reminds of the taste of chocolate bar "Snickers". It contains peanuts, nougat, caramel and chocolate glaze. Get your pep!

Amarena in chocolate


Selected Italian cherries "Amarena"

 is slugging in a tenderness of chocolate




Cream ice with addition of famous Italian wine "Marsala" is filled with raising,

stewed in wine.

Green tea - sand thorn


Fresh grated berries of sand thorn

 are sinking in gentle ice-cream with

 a refreshing taste of green tea!