A whole raw of fragrant strawberry has been put into a tub in the view of strawberry ice-cream and these beautiful ice-cream balls will come to you direct from the seed-bed!



Ice-cream made on the basis of grated

melon astonishes you with juicy taste

and slightly stupefies with its melon taste!



Berries of ripe raspberries grated with

sugar are the basis of raspberry ice-cream and a source of endless enjoyment!



Apart from excellent taste, fresh kiwi

 is a source of vitamins and ice-cream

made of the basis of chopped kiwi

 is a cool vitamin cocktail!



Refreshing, sour and a bit bracing taste

of lemon ice-cream made on the basis

 of lemon fresh juice is graceful,

 delicate and delicious!

Wild berry


On our forest glade there are blackberries and strawberries in a raw and this berry taste is strengthened with the help

of black currant and garden raspberry.



Ice-cream made on the basis of fresh bananas is a real banana paradise

where bananas themselves sink

in banana puree.

Cherry sorbet


Ripe juicy fragrant cherry grated into

the most gentle sorbet is a refreshing

taste during the summer heat.



The taste of blackberries is kept

in a cool ice-cream made on the basis

of grated blackberries - is a real

summer miracle!