The ice-cream is produced in accordance with the recipes and technologies, developed by talented Italian technologists of the factory "Pregel", with the help of modern, high-tech equipment, in the checklist of which there is equipment of the well-known all around the world corporation "Carpigiani"!

la tradizione del gelato italiano

traditions of Italian gelato



Our history

That is why, we, while creating Italiano gelato, were accurately following the best Italian traditions and inviolately obey the recipe of cooking the ice-cream, not trying to excel it! Modern Italian equipment, exclusively natural ingredients, technology and recipes of the best Italian experts - all these are the key success factors and give everybody an unexcelled taste of the ice-cream! Italiano gelato - soft natural ice-cream with a diverse choice of unique tastes - you should definitely taste it!

Italiano gelate - soft natural ice-cream with a various  palette of unique tastes - it is worth trying!


Till this moment nobody could exceed the artists of the renaissance, reduplicate the Stradivarius, overcome Roberto Loreti or Caruso, compare with Valentino, Galliano or Versace, not recognize one of the best in the world Italian cuisine. Probably, you cannot excel the unexcelled.


The assortment line "Gel'Amo" has two main directions:  :

- natural milk, - soft ice-cream on the milk base

- natural fruit - soft ice-cream on the fruit base

And this assortment already has more than 30 kinds of the ice-cream!


The secret of excellent ice-cream taste:

Novelty - packaged ice-cream!

Now a favorite dessert in a package with weight of 600g

novelty - series PARFELATTE

Author's dessert in a package of 150 g









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