But brittle


Fill all richness of the taste of real Italian turon! Sweet nougat, nuts, caramel

and chocolate glaze - is a perfect

combination that will leave nobody indifferent.

Blue Ange


A light and gentle dessert with a beloved taste "Bubble-Gum", enriched with pieces

of airy marshmallows gives an unusual feelings and tenderness to the

taste - like if a blue angel had touched it!


Berry gelatto


Gentle ice-cream and fragrant berries - is a classic combination invented by Italian experts and time-tested. Blackberry, strawberry, raspberry and currant

burst with freshness and make

 the taste incredibly juicy.



Tasty pistachios sink in the hugs

of pistachio ice-cream. Take your

thoughts to a picturesque Sicily,

tasting a refreshing dessert.



Gentle biscuits, light cheese Mascarpone, coffee sauce and cacao... Feel a familiar

 taste, trying our ice-cream. New

dimensions of classic treats will open

to you. Tiramisu is better when it is cool.



Cream ice made of qualitative milk, amazes with a simple and perfect taste.

A classic recipe and natural ingredients

 allow to create a dessert which

will suit anybody's taste.




Chocolate sauce with stracciatellas gently covers a delighted chocolate ice-cream.

A rich taste of a cool dessert - is

a combination of ice and flame. Feel

all the dimensions of a chocolate taste, having tried ice-cream Brownie.





Caramel tones of taste perfectly

combine in a cool melody which sounds

so sweet and gentle. Cream ice, milk

 caramel and sweet sauce - this taste

will tour each string of your soul,

giving an unbeaten enjoyment.