Double dark


Dark chocolate with light bitterness

will leave nobody cold. Just dive into chocolate delight!



Gentle chip coconut sinking

in tenderness of ice-cream topped

 with chocolate sauce.



It is made on the basis of cream

ice and has a specific taste

of Mascarpone cheese.



Whole milk combined with cream

has become a basis to create a

symphony of various tastes!

Blue angel


Sky blue color and candy taste

of cream ice just like forebode

an angel's appearance!



Ice-cream made on the basis

of Italian chocolate with addition

 of chocolate sauce

Strawberry yoghurt


Fragrant strawberry makes light

yoghurt fresh and turns it into

 a delighting dessert!



Hazel-nut mashed into nut paste "Piedmonte", delicately strengthens

a sound of creamy taste.



Hazel-nut mashed into nut paste "Piedmonte", delicately strengthens

 a sound of creamy taste.



Chocolate chooped in a special way into pieces of stracciatella, completes

ice-cream with chocolate sauce.



Gentle color and bright berry tastes

have turned the ice-cream into

 a nostalgia for childhood.

Coffee with crunches


Chocolate brittle and coffee "Espresso"

have combined in cream ice

with coffee sauce.



Savoiardi sticks which is the basis of

 Tiramisu dessert  makes ice-cream

extremely desirable.

Alpine caramel


Like from the Alps tops of cream i

ce caramel sauce flows in a way

mountain rivers do.

Pistachio paradise


Cream ice with addition of pistachio

 sauce made on the basis

of pistachio paste.

Vanilla cloud


Taste of cream ice turns into classic

 in a light and thin way just from

the touch of natural vanilla to it.

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